SQL server performance with MOSS 2007

Why is it that i always have discussion with a SQL admin about performance of a SQL server.
we run a sql server for several applications, and every time performance is an issue, i get the same complaint > Sharepoint is causing it.

When i ask him how he knows, there is never a clear answer stating that then and then, or when someone does this, performance degrades.

Today i saw an article about performance measuring of sql server, specific for Sharepoint 2007.
I think i’m going to use it to see if it really is sharepoint which is causing the performance issues.

You can find it here (it’s a technet article)

Adding a WFE server

Last week i had an issue with Sharepoint. The customer i’m working for, wanted to enable my sites for all users (+2500).
I was afraid that 1 WFE would be insufficient and critical.
The problem with mysites is, that every user is sitecollection administrato for his own mysite (every mysite is a site colelction)

Because i didn’t want the preformance to degrade or the main portaal te be inaccesible when users start “experimenting” with their new functionality, i adviced adding an extra WFE-server.

Although a lot information is found why you should ad a WFE server, i couldn’t find any information about how to implement an extra WFE server.

After some digging, testing and discusion on forums, i found out there are 3 things you need to know before installing an extra WFE

  1. Service level of your farm.
  2. Level of redundancy you need
  3. non custom customizations

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Performance recommendations for storage planning and monitoring

This new whitepaper paper provides key recommendations and best practices to help administrators of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 plan and monitor their SQL Server storage requirements to support optimal performance and operation of their server farms.

This paper has a ton of new information for recommendations on optimizing your hardware and storage.

Download this paper as a Microsoft Word document (.doc)