Backup exec Freezes after installing SharePoint 2010 – Symantec … So we meet again

In the past (in the days that sharepoint still was called MOSS ) we often used port 10000 for central administration. Until we installed it at a customer who had BackupExec as their backup solution.

Seems that the BackupExec agent uses port 10000 to communicate with the BackupExec server. This forced us to review our Central Admin port strategy. Instead of simply using a convenient port number, we decided to research what would be a good port number.

We asked our customer which ports the all used, and we finally decided on a new port number for CA.

When SharePoint 2010 arrived we kept using our chosen port number.

Today, a customer told me that they could no longer backup their server on which SharePoint was installed.
They were using: Backup Exec 😕

So my first guess was, backup exec changed the portnumber of their agent. But this wasn’t the case.

After some investigation it seems that BackupExec 12.5 agent stops working when SharePoint 2010 is installed.

The 12.5 version doesn’t support SharePoint 2010, but in this case was also not needed. We simply wanted to backup files fro the file system.
The SharePoint agent was not to be used.

But the backup exec agent thinks otherwise. It has 2 SharePoint dll’s on board and it really want to see if it can connect to SharePoint.

even when the dll’s are build for older version of sharepoint, it will try to make a connection. And that’s the issue. It simply cannot connect but the process hangs itself trying to connect.

The solution:

  1. Stop the backupexec service on the sharepoint server
  2. goto to the RAWS directory
  3. rename the sharepoint dll’s (bedssps2.dll, bedssps3.dll) so the no longer function as dll (add .old)
  4. restart the backup exex service

Your backup exec server should be able to connect to the sharepoint server again.

Symantec has a support page on this issue:

Adding a WFE server

Last week i had an issue with Sharepoint. The customer i’m working for, wanted to enable my sites for all users (+2500).
I was afraid that 1 WFE would be insufficient and critical.
The problem with mysites is, that every user is sitecollection administrato for his own mysite (every mysite is a site colelction)

Because i didn’t want the preformance to degrade or the main portaal te be inaccesible when users start “experimenting” with their new functionality, i adviced adding an extra WFE-server.

Although a lot information is found why you should ad a WFE server, i couldn’t find any information about how to implement an extra WFE server.

After some digging, testing and discusion on forums, i found out there are 3 things you need to know before installing an extra WFE

  1. Service level of your farm.
  2. Level of redundancy you need
  3. non custom customizations

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