Downloadable book: Administering Enterprise Search for Office SharePoint Server

This book provides prescriptive guidance for maintaining and managing the Office SharePoint Server Search service in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. This includes step-by-step instructions about search operations for crawling content. The audience for this book includes IT operations, search service administrators, and consultants.

Click the following link to open a Microsoft Word .doc file that can you download to your computer and print. The size of this document is approximately 2.48 MB. Publication date: June 2009.

Download here

DocAve: FREE Tool for Item-level SharePoint Restores

FREE Tool for Item-level SharePoint Restores

When companies first deploy SharePoint, they often rely upon SQL Server backups to protect their SharePoint content. But when it comes to SharePoint backup and recovery, the inability to restore at the item-level makes otherwise fast recoveries burdensome and inefficient. AvePoint’s FREE SQL Restore Controller is the answer, delivering full fidelity, item-level restore capabilities directly from live SQL and DPM databases and backups. This free component complements AvePoint DocAve Backup and Recovery module, which delivers the comprehensive item-through-platform level protection organizations running mission – critical businesses demand.

Website incl. download link

Do SQL Server backups provide enough protection for my SharePoint deployment?

Many organizations running SharePoint rely solely upon SQL Server’s native functionality to backup and – when needed – to recover both content and the platform itself. Without a solution that enables full-fidelity, item-level restores from SQL Server backup images (something like AvePoint’s SQL Restore Controller), this can prove quite burdensome and inefficient. Continue reading

SP2 bug solved

remember the bug/issue with sp2.

after installing sp2 your MOSS installation would revert to a 180 days trial version.

today, microsoft released the solution for this problem.

Attention: Important Information on Service Pack 2

We take product quality seriously and make every effort to avoid and resolve issues that adversely impact our customers.  Unfortunately, we have recently discovered a bug with Service Pack 2 (SP2) that affects all customers that have deployed it for SharePoint Server 2007.

During the installation of SP2, a product expiration date is improperly activated. This means SharePoint will expire as though it was a trial installation 180 days after SP2 is deployed. The activation of the expiration date will not affect the normal function of SharePoint up until the expiration date passes. Furthermore, product expiration 180 days after SP2 installation will not affect customer’s data, configuration or application code but will render SharePoint inaccessible for end-users. Continue reading


this morning someone from the IT-department (system manager) came to my office and asked me about this file.


His vision about this fule was that there were 2 problems with this file.

  1. The size (approx 800 Mb)
  2. the location (documents and settings/default user/local settings/Temp)

I agreed with him this was a bit strange. So i started to investigate it.
I called in my best friend Mr Google and we start questioning the various sources we could find.

We came up with the following information:

  • Nobody knows what the purpose of this file is
  • It logs users that connect to the Sharepoint portal for the first time
  • Nobody knows how it can be turned on/off
  • This file only exist as of SP1
  • it’s the wss admin service that writes to this file

the “cure” most Moss-admins implemented was not a very nice one, but it was working.

  1. Or, you create a script that deletes the file every now and then (you could move it to a different location, if you don’t like deleting)
  2. Or, set the file readOnly

Bot hare work arounds and not the answers i was looking for.

For the moment we will start using Option 1, but i’ll continue my search for more information on the subject.

Found on internet : free SharePoint Data Zoom Web Part

When browsing the internet i cam across this webpart.
What it said seemed very interesting. Gonna test it later this week if i have time.

What does the website say:

The SharePoint Data Zoom Web Part is a free tool which allows SharePoint users to easily build dynamic, data-driven content on any page. Data from SharePoint Sites, SharePoint Lists and virtually any other source can be aggregated and formatted with ease. Continue reading