Problems with updating office documents

I came across some funny behaviour while using word 2003 in combination with Sharepoint 2007 document libraries.

When they open a document everything goes well. They can make changes but ,….. when they try to save the changes, the source of the openend document is lost and the editor tries to save the file locally.

Looks like office opens the document read-only.

After some searching i came across the following microsoft article.

In my case, it solved the problem.

Freeware:Axceler PinPoint-First impression

Axceler released the freeware tool Axceler Pinpoint.

According to Axceler Pinpoint is:

the latest SharePoint administration tool that helps you gain a quick perspective on some of your most pressing SharePoint questions.

This tool is build using the Sharepoint object model, which is necessary to run the tool. So, you need to install it on a Sharepoint Frontend server.

Unfortunately, i didn’t read this line and started using it on my desktop, expecting it to be able to connect to a Sharepoint server. Instead of a warning telling me i should only use this on a Sharepoint WFE server, i got an error.

I transferred the tool to a webfrontend server (it’s a single exe file that works from every location, at least if it’s on a Sharepoint WFE) and tried it again.
Now i didn’t get the error message, but a nice information box, telling me that i don’t have all reporting configured. But for the rest it’s working.

So what makes this tool interesting:  It can show the largest sites and the largest items.

You can get this information from sharepoint, but that is not easy to accomplish.
This tool can show it fast. You can enter how many items you would like to see from 1 to 99.
they are shown in a table with the largest (site/item) on top , with the size in a second column.

Pros of this tool:

  • It shows information you might need but Sharepoint can’t produce easily
  • it’s free

Cons of this tool:

  • No remote connect
  • Bad error handling in a non-sharepoint environment

Going to test it some more later…

Sorry !

It seems that not everyone was happy with the way i posted.

First of all let me say: Sorry for that.

I only wanted to gather information about sharepoint and visualize it. Last few hours i have been “re-writing” my posts.
In the future i will no longer post the content of other posts/blogs, but only make reference to the originating blog/post.

If anyone else thinks one of the post is not as it should be , please let me know and i will change it !

Again : sorry.

Eric van Glabbeek,

WSPbuilder documentation

Anyone who ever programmed in Visual Studio, creating sharepoint stuff, (must/should have) heard of : WSPbuilder.

I metioned it before

It’s a tool that makes the creation of wsp files a lot easier and you get more fun in creating new funcionality for sharepoint.

For all those who want more information , here are some interesting links

I know that the documentation on using the WSPBuilder hasn’t been fulfilling to say it nicely, but that’s the way it is.

The good thing is that other people have been nice and done some work on this. This is what I have found so far (in random order), sorry if have forgot someone.

WSPBuilder – Walkthrough of the Visual Studio Add-in

WSS: Development – Quick Start with WSPBuilder

WSS Dev: WSPBuilder Templates

WSS Dev: HowTo debug a WebPart

Change the WSPBuilder DeploymentTarget to WebApplication

Intro to WSPBuilder

WSPBuilder Folder Structure

Developing SharePoint Solutions in Visual Studio

TFS Build and WSPBuilder

How to get TFS to automate your WSP builds with WSPBuilder

The WSPBuilser Manual

My Blog.

What’s New in InfoPath 2010?

The infopath team blog shows the new features of Infopath 2010.

I haven’t installed it yet, but after reading this post, i’m planning installing and testing Infopath as soon as possible.

My favorite new features:

  • Make a form with a list as base
  • Person picker is default control
  • Custom validation
  • More button control (design)

But , here is the article , read it and make up for yourself what your favorite new feature is