Discussion Board migration issue, solved using Powershell

I recently had the following issue.

A customer is migrating NNTP (news) groups from Exchange to SharePoint. The Exchange newsgroup will be migrated to SharePoint discussion boards. It’s possible for a (power) user to open the SharePoint list in outlook and “copy” the items to the SharePoint (discussion board) list. They have to keep in mind to start with the oldest item (to keep to messages in the right order) and they can only copy 500 items at once.

That was no problem, but ….. the newly created messages on SharePoint are the owned by the person that is copying the items (off course).

As a SharePoint enthusiast is immediately said i thought this could be solved using powershell. So i did some investigating, and indeed powershell was able to update the requested field (Author).

But, and now we come to the essence of this post, there was some unwanted side-effect.

Normal behavior of a discussion board, is that every reply has a folded quote of it’s parent item. It’s a hyperlink you can click to see the parent message.

What happened was that the post that had been updated by powershell, didn’t have this functionality anymore. The parent message was fully displayed in every edited post, and couldn’t be collapsed.

So what was causing this? Guess what, if the [Created] and [Modified] are not equal, this is what happens. I updated my script to not only adjust the Author, but also (at the end) synchronize the Created and Modified field.

Problem Solved !

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