Powershell and Registry: propertytype mappings

Since a few weeks i have been using and LOVING powershell for providing SharePoint functionality.
Working with SharePoint AND powershell is really powerfull 😀
But every now and then, it’s not easy to find the right information.

I wanted to create a powershell script that automates the creation of the registry keys for using the PDF iFilter.
The keys have been posted on the internet multiple times, but always from the point of view of using Regedit.

I wanted it to be done by using powershell.
Information on how to create regsitry keys and values is also greatly explained on the internet, but always based on string  values.
The pdf ifilter uses more. reg-dword for example.

So i started my search for the property types of the registry and how they are called in powershell. And that was not easy.
Eventually i ended up at …. technet. Where it should be :-)

But since i couldn’t find it easily, i decided to create a blog about it.
Hereby the mapping between powershell and registry of value mappings

Value Description
String Specifies a null-terminated string. Equivalent to REG_SZ.
ExpandString Specifies a null-terminated string that contains unexpanded references to environment variables that are expanded when the value is retrieved. Equivalent to REG_EXPAND_SZ.
Binary Specifies binary data in any form. Equivalent to REG_BINARY.
DWord Specifies a 32-bit binary number. Equivalent to REG_DWORD.
MultiString Specifies an array of null-terminated strings terminated by two null characters. Equivalent to REG_MULTI_SZ.
QWord Specifies a 64-bit binary number. Equivalent to REG_QWORD.
Unknown Indicates an unsupported registry data type, such as REG_RESOURCE_LIST.

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