InfoPath versus Managed Metadata

Instead of using lookup fields i decided i wanted to use Managed metadata fields.

I’ m working on an solution, in which i have to deploy several 100 sites based on a site template.

In the template i have 2 lookup fields, that lookup data. This is working.

But when i need to update the lookup data, i have to do that on all sites, instead of in 1 location.

Managed metadata would be the perfect way to achive this.

BUt i also work with custom infopath forms for several lists, including the list where i want to use managed metadata fields.

And after some strawling around internet, it seems that this is not possible (yet!).

I turns out that this functionality was present in pre-RTM versions of SharePoint, but not in the RTM.

I really hope this will be re-entered with service pack 1

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