5 times internal memory equals minimal free disk space

Yesterday we installed SharePoint 2010 on a new server.

Since it’s a pilot to check out new functionality and to see if we can accomplish what we want, we started out with a “moderate” server.

After installing, i went to the central administration and saw i got a critical issue.

Nice to be informed about this , but i didn’t expect it. I had already done the installation twice, to get acquainted with the new version. So , i was unpleasantly surprised.

You are offered a hyperlink to show the critical issue.

It was: Drives are at risk of running out of free space

How was this possible. So i decided to check out the free disk space. it was 29 Gb.

So that could never be the issue. But, after reading the complete error message i found out it was an issue.

The complete error message was (click on the issue to see the complete message):

Available drive space is less than five times the value of physical memory. This is dangerous because it does not provide enough room for a full memory dump with continued operation. It also could cause problems with the Virtual Memory swap file:

And that was correct because it had 6Gb memory installed.

5 * 6 Gb = 30 Gb > 29 GB.

So remember : the amount of memory installed is reflected on the amount of needed free disk space.



3 thoughts on “5 times internal memory equals minimal free disk space

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  2. How did you solve this? I’m trying to find a way to relocate the SPTimer Service. My server has 16gb ram. I have plenty of space on other drives.

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