programming against Userprofileproperty Choicelist

Ok, so i was aked to program against the userprofileproperty choicelist.

The choicelist is the property of a userprofileproperty, when the userprofileproperty is a choicelist (sounds logic, not ?)

First i created a user profile property of the type choicelist.
I created a piece of code to connect to the userprofiles and retrieve the specific property. After retrieving the property, i retrieved the values of the choicelist.

Unfortunately, these values are “simple” strings without any form of ID. At least, not through the api.

I had the property object, next thing > add the value(s) AND don’t forget : programmed the commit.

I ran the code, and no errors, however, also no added values.

After some debugging and digging, i found out that adding value to the choicelist is not considered a change for profileproperties.

Funny ? NOT!

Then let’s create a workaround. Before committing , i programmed some code that forces the state of the property to : changed.
That way the values where added together with the change that in fact, wasn’t a real change.
Please notice the portion regarding the description :-)

                ServerContext sc = ServerContext.GetContext(curSite);
                UserProfileManager upm = new UserProfileManager(sc);

                Property p = upm.Properties.GetPropertyByName(Propertyname);
                string descript = p.Description;
                p.Description = "";
                p.Description = descript;

after using this addition, the values where added succesfully to the property.

Hope this might help others.


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