Freeware:Axceler PinPoint-First impression

Axceler released the freeware tool Axceler Pinpoint.

According to Axceler Pinpoint is:

the latest SharePoint administration tool that helps you gain a quick perspective on some of your most pressing SharePoint questions.

This tool is build using the Sharepoint object model, which is necessary to run the tool. So, you need to install it on a Sharepoint Frontend server.

Unfortunately, i didn’t read this line and started using it on my desktop, expecting it to be able to connect to a Sharepoint server. Instead of a warning telling me i should only use this on a Sharepoint WFE server, i got an error.

I transferred the tool to a webfrontend server (it’s a single exe file that works from every location, at least if it’s on a Sharepoint WFE) and tried it again.
Now i didn’t get the error message, but a nice information box, telling me that i don’t have all reporting configured. But for the rest it’s working.

So what makes this tool interesting:  It can show the largest sites and the largest items.

You can get this information from sharepoint, but that is not easy to accomplish.
This tool can show it fast. You can enter how many items you would like to see from 1 to 99.
they are shown in a table with the largest (site/item) on top , with the size in a second column.

Pros of this tool:

  • It shows information you might need but Sharepoint can’t produce easily
  • it’s free

Cons of this tool:

  • No remote connect
  • Bad error handling in a non-sharepoint environment

Going to test it some more later…

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