WSPbuilder documentation

Anyone who ever programmed in Visual Studio, creating sharepoint stuff, (must/should have) heard of : WSPbuilder.

I metioned it before

It’s a tool that makes the creation of wsp files a lot easier and you get more fun in creating new funcionality for sharepoint.

For all those who want more information , here are some interesting links

I know that the documentation on using the WSPBuilder hasn’t been fulfilling to say it nicely, but that’s the way it is.

The good thing is that other people have been nice and done some work on this. This is what I have found so far (in random order), sorry if have forgot someone.

WSPBuilder – Walkthrough of the Visual Studio Add-in

WSS: Development – Quick Start with WSPBuilder

WSS Dev: WSPBuilder Templates

WSS Dev: HowTo debug a WebPart

Change the WSPBuilder DeploymentTarget to WebApplication

Intro to WSPBuilder

WSPBuilder Folder Structure

Developing SharePoint Solutions in Visual Studio

TFS Build and WSPBuilder

How to get TFS to automate your WSP builds with WSPBuilder

The WSPBuilser Manual

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