Free Bamboo Products for SharePoint User Groups – Announcing the User Group Community Project

Today Bamboo announced the launch of a new program called the User Group Community Project.   SharePoint User Groups can now obtain Bamboo products at no cost, just by blogging about SharePoint or providing reviews of Bamboo products.

For years, Bamboo has enjoyed strong working relationships with SharePoint User Groups around the world.  We have been honored to speak and conduct presentations at many SharePoint User Group meetings, and have regularly provided financial support and in-kind donations to these organizations.  It is obvious to us that SharePoint User Groups play an extremely important role in the SharePoint ecosystem, facilitating information-sharing and evangelizing the capabilities of the platform.  We recognize that SharePoint User Groups are one of the best places to find the most knowledgeable and most influential thought leaders in our industry.

With the User Group Community Project (UGCP), Bamboo is stepping up our support of SharePoint User Groups and ensuring that any group that has need of Bamboo’s products and technologies can get access to them at no cost.  To those individuals who generously donate their personal time and effort to organize and manage SharePoint User Groups, we’re saying “Bamboo is here to help!”  We know these organizations are chronically underfunded and often operate on a shoestring budget.  It is our pleasure to provide you with technologies that will make your SharePoint sites even more useful and easier to manage.

How does the program work?  We’ve tried to keep things simple.  The first step is for you to register your SharePoint User Group.  Once registered, you will be granted $1,500.00 in credit towards your choice of any Bamboo product.  Keep in mind that most Bamboo Web Parts list for less than $1,000.00  You might choose something like the Bamboo IT Productivity Pack or User Manager for Sites to help streamline administration of your group’s site.  Or you could choose a combination of powerful Web Parts like Calendar Plus and List Rollup Web Part to enhance your group site and make managing meetings and events easier.

Once you’ve spent your initial credit, you can easily earn more, just by blogging about SharePoint or providing a review of the Bamboo products you’re using.  There’s no limit to the number of products you can acquire.

That’s really all there is to it.

So please, sign up now, and help yourself to some of the great SharePoint products available from Bamboo.  And please help spread the word!   It is our hope that every SharePoint User Group will take advantage of this program.  We appreciate the very important work done by the SharePoint User Group community and we can’t wait to get to know even more of you.  If you’re not plugged into a SharePoint User Group yet, find one near you or in a native tongue using our new SharePoint User Group Directory.

Have questions or comments about the new User Group Community Project from Bamboo?  Feel free to post in the UGCP Forum on Bamboo Nation.

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