Found on internet : free SharePoint Data Zoom Web Part

When browsing the internet i cam across this webpart.
What it said seemed very interesting. Gonna test it later this week if i have time.

What does the website say:

The SharePoint Data Zoom Web Part is a free tool which allows SharePoint users to easily build dynamic, data-driven content on any page. Data from SharePoint Sites, SharePoint Lists and virtually any other source can be aggregated and formatted with ease.

Using the Data Zoom Web Part, your SharePoint pages can perform powerful, flexible queries on a variety of data sources using simple, familiar syntax that’s easy to write and understand. You’ll be able to create robust, value-added SharePoint applications in a fraction of the time, without the need for .NET or XSLT programming.

Many examples of applications based on the Data Zoom Web Part are up and running in production environments today. These applications include a Sales Funnel using Data Zoom Extensions for, a User Directory using Data Zoom Extensions for Active Directory, and several more. These applications would have normally taken a few weeks or more to create by a .NET development team, but with the SharePoint Data Zoom Web Part the development effort involved only a single sharepoint web designer and took only a few days.

Several extensions have been written for the Data Zoom web part which allow you to connect to your data from within SharePoint. Included for free is the SharePoint Data Zoom Extension for Syndication. This extension allows RSS and ATOM content to be easily surfaced in your SharePoint pages. In addition, you can extend the Data Zoom web part to connect with even more data sources using these available extensions:

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